Garden writing

Susie has been writing about gardens for the past thirty years

Susie's work has appeared in many magazines, including The English Garden, Homes and Gardens, BBC Countryfile magazine, the Garden Design Journal, Amateur Gardening and Garden News. 

Her popular column, entitled 'Susie's Garden' is now in its sixth year for My Weekly magazine and is a season long double page spread. She inspires readers through her descriptions of her own flower and vegetable growing.

   Susie is also a regular columnist for the Northumbrian magazine and the Guardian Country Diary, and The English Garden ran a major 2 year series on how Susie and her husband David made their garden from scratch in Northumberland (written by Susie & featuring many of her own photos). Readers were able to follow the ups and downs, the experiments and excitement of creating a garden from a rock-strewn, weed-filled patch, turning it in to an ebullient, flowing, dynamic garden full of wildlife. Her book Gardens of Northumberland and the Borders is the definitive guide to gardens of the north and is illustrated with the photographs of Simon Fraser.

Susie's Writing

Nature writing

In 2011, Susie began contributing to the Guardian Country Diary, the century-old column on natural history and the countryside. She writes about the wildlife and landscape around her North Pennine home, of curlews and lapwings on the moors, dippers and sea trout in the East Allen river, flowers of upland hay meadows, starry nights and the Aurora.


Much is observed from her own garden with tawny owls rearing their chicks, slow worms in the garden meadow as well as hedgehogs and stoats in ermine. Planted for pollinators, the garden is full of bees, butterflies, hover flies and moths and Susie sets a moth trap each week submitting the data to the county records and the Garden Moth Scheme. Her radio work includes a walk in a woodland that was broadcast on Radio 4's PM programme.


Susie has contributed to a book and art project that raises funds to help the UK's most threatened birds. ‘Red 67’ highlights and celebrates the birds on the ‘Red List’ and Susie has written about the hawfinch. Throughout 2021 she has contributed a blog to CPRE The Countryside Charity on what to look for in nature each month.

Travel writing

With her knowledge of the area, Susie has written lively descriptions of walks in Northern England for the Guardian, including where to stay and where to eat. On a barge trip on the Caledonian Canal, she wrote about its history, castles, waterfalls and wildlife, of ospreys on the lochs and dolphins in the Moray Firth. Travel articles on Gothenburg and surrounding area, and on the gardens of Västsverige have come from her trips to Sweden.


A member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, Susie can illustrate her articles with her own photographs, although her text has also been used to accompany the work of renowned photographers such as Allan Polock-Morris and Andrea Jones.

Susie’s talks and contact

Listed on the RHS Register of Speakers, Susie gives talks to a wide range of audiences, from novice garden and wildlife enthusiasts, to experts in the field.

She offers a range of beautifully illustrated and informative lectures, including:

  • A blank canvas: the story of Susie’s beautiful garden
  • Gardens of West Sweden
  • Grow your own cut flowers
  • Heritage Flowers
  • Press Day at Chelsea Flower Show
  • Make your garden a wildlife haven
  • Perennials and grasses for late season
  • From moths to merlins: wildlife of a North Pennine valley
  • My life in gardens

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